Two-speed Drill Screwdriver, Cordless, 12 V Li-ion (2×), 1500 mAh

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Our EXTOL PREMIUM cordless two-speed drill screwdriver is ideal for medium-duty drilling and screwing in metal and wood.

battery capacity



I. 0-350/min, II. 0-1350/min

L/P run


quick-release head

3/8" semi-metallic

drill bit diameter


tightening torque steps

18 + drilling

max. torque


battery charging approx


carrying case

yes (8891151)

weight (including battery)


packaging info

weight: 2.58 kg
size: 29.5 x 29.0 x 9.0 cm


12V Li-ion (2x)

Fitted with two 12V Li-ion batteries, this two-speed drill screwdriver boasts an impressive battery capacity 1500mAh, allowing for extended work periods. The quick charging time of approximately 1.5 hours ensures minimal downtime between tasks. Our drill screwdriver features two speeds, 0-350/min and 0-1350/min, and is adaptable for various tasks. Its quick-release 3/8″ semi-metallic head accommodates a drill bit diameter of 0.8-10mm. Plus, its 18-stage torque plus drilling provides a maximum torque of 21/14Nm. Moreover, the user-friendly design incorporates an integrated LED light for working in dark areas, and the rubberized handle ensures comfortable and safe use by dampening vibrations. Weighing just 0.9kg, including the battery, it comes in a durable carrying case for secure storage and transport. All in all, our two-speed drill screwdriver offers a blend of power and convenience, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit. Contact us today!

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