Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum, SHARE20V, 20 V Li-ion, 2,000 mAh

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Introducing our versatile 2-in-1 cordless leaf blower vacuum, the SHARE20V model with 20V Li-ion battery and 2000mAh capacity for all outdoor cleaning needs.

battery capacity


weight (including battery)


battery charging approx


air flow rate



≥ 4,5kPa

packaging info

weight: 2.875 kg
size: 29.0 x 23.5 x 19.0 cm

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This cordless leaf blower vacuum is a lightweight, multi-functional tool weighing just 1.8 kg (including battery). With an airflow rate of 63.5m/s and a vacuum power of ≥ 4.5kPa, it is the ideal solution for maintaining outdoor spaces. And the battery charges in approximately 55 minutes, ensuring you can get back to work in no time. Our innovative cordless leaf blower vacuum can easily transform between a blower and a vacuum cleaner with a collection bag, allowing you to tackle various cleaning tasks effortlessly. You can use the blower mode to clear grass clippings, sawdust, dry needles, or leaves from your lawn, patio, or walkways. And switch to the vacuum mode to collect solid particles like sawdust, needles, or small leaves from hard-to-reach areas. The collection bag is simple to remove and empty, making maintenance a breeze. While the vacuum also features adjustable airflow control and an LED light to illuminate your work area, which is particularly useful when cleaning tight corners. Further, this versatile tool comes with attachments for inflating deck chairs, pools, canoes, and tents. Its compact design ensures easy portability and storage. One or two 2000mAh batteries are sufficient for most tasks, but for more demanding or extended work, we recommend larger batteries with capacities of 4000-8000mAh. Compatible with all EXTOL SHARE20V series tools, the vacuum’s battery boasts a charge indicator and Li-ion technology, allowing for any time recharging without reducing capacity. And the Li-ion battery has a low self-discharge rate, ensuring long-lasting power and readiness for use. In summary, choose this cordless leaf blower vacuum for a powerful, versatile, and efficient cleaning solution that meets the demands of your outdoor spaces. Trust in our extensive experience and commitment to quality to deliver the reliable tools your need.

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