Oil Lubricated Air Compressor, 1800 W, 50 L

Model: 8895315 Category:

Presenting the EXTOL PREMIUM single piston oil lubricated air compressor, your essential companion for any task that demands the use of compressed air.



power consumption




tank volume


max. pressure

8bar (0,8MPa)

suction power


filling performance

188l/min (4bar), 150l/min (8bar)

filling time




packaging info

weight: 35 kg

The powerful tool is designed with a 1800W motor and a substantial 50l tank, delivering a balanced high outlet pressure of 8 bar and suction power of 235l/min. This robust performance means it can drive many pneumatic tools, even those requiring high power, such as paint spray guns or impact tighteners. Our compressor is furnished with two pressure gauges, one to display the tank pressure and the other for output pressure. Thanks to a control valve, you can precisely adjust this output pressure. To prolong the compressor’s lifespan, durable metal filters are installed on the air inlet, and the oil-lubricated design ensures superior performance and longevity. Further, complete with a condensate drain valve on the tank for maintenance ease, handling this 32.3 kg compressor is effortless, courtesy of its castors and solid handle. Consequently, choose our oil lubricated air compressor for power, precision, and durability.

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