100 Watt Soldering Gun

Model: 9920 Category:

Leverage the power of EXTOL 100 watt soldering gun, delivering reliable soldering with a safe operation mode and a lightweight design for ultimate portability.



power consumption


uninterrupted operation

max. 12 sec

intermittent operation

max. 48 sec (break 30 sec)

carrying case




packaging info

weight: 0.73333 kg
size: 24.0 x 24.0 x 6.0 cm

Our power-packed soldering gun, model 9921, delivers an unwavering 100W power output, providing flawless and efficient soldering. It operates at a voltage/frequency of 230V/50Hz, showcasing its robust capacity for a variety of soldering tasks. Balancing power and safety, this soldering gun allows for an uninterrupted operation of up to 12 seconds and can sustain intermittent operation for a maximum of 48 seconds, with a brief 30-second pause to maintain safe operation. Plus, though it doesn’t come with a carrying case, it more than makes up for it with its lightweight design, weighing a mere 0.6kg. Overall, switch to our 100 watt soldering gun and transform your soldering project with its easy operation and powerful performance.

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